Chocolate Chip Cookies, 18

Chocolate Chip Cookies, 18
Chocolate chip gourmet cookie
Chocolate Chip Cookies, 18
Chocolate Chip Cookies, 18
gourmet chocolate chip cookie
cookie packaging


The classic crowd favorite with a twist - we chock ours full of toffee bits and an abundance of chocolate chips.

  • Available in a round tin with Christie Cookie Co. lid and your choice of a brushed metal, cream satin or red satin base
  • 18 individually wrapped cookies, 1.45 oz each
  • A whole tin full of chocolate-y, buttery, sweet goodness
  • Made from ingredients you can find in your pantry (but would like to just leave there and eat ours)
  • Can also be found in our Classic Assortment
  • Item numbers 2584CC, 2935CC and 2594CC
Choose your Cookie Flavor
Chocolate Chip
Choose your Tin Color
Brushed Metal
Red Satin
Cream Satin

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